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28th Amendment (Amendment XXVIII)

A Proposal for the 28th Amendment (Amendment XXVIII)

The Congress makes the following findings:
1. Firearms injure and kill people.
2. There is common agreement that the right to bear arms articulated in 2nd Amendment (Amendment II) of the Bill of Rights was given to the people of the United States for their safety and protection and the US Supreme Court ruled in 2010 (District of Columbia v Heller), that this right was not linked with service in a militia.
3. There are almost enough firearms for every woman, child and man in the country (1, 2) and, 47% of households (3) in the United States possess a firearm.
4. Firearms are a danger to the health and welfare of the citizenry based on their role in the morbidity and mortality of people, especially vulnerable populations such as children, women with violent partners, and people who live in poor, urban settings
5. Therefore, in light of this demonstration of the crisis in our nation, it is the sense of the Congress that prevention of i…